How to get Free PSN Redeem Codes

Free PSN Codes, that’s what every PlayStation owner would love to have. Well, today I will show you how I received unlimited Free PSN Codes emailed to me completely free with no credit card necessary!

Does this really work and is this legal?
If you follow the directions below there is a website that will EMAIL you Free PlayStation Network Codes! This rewards website buys the codes from with money they get from sponsors that advertise on their website. So yes, this is 100% legit and legal.


Is there proof that this works?
Yes! Thousands of gamers use this rewards website to get Free PSN Codes, Microsoft Points, Nintendo Wii Points, Free Games, Amazon Gift Cards and pretty much anything from!
To the right are a few of my prizes I have received from the rewards site.

Ok, well how do I begin?

Step 1: Sign Up

First, make a free account at the Rewards website. Enter a username, email (that you have access to) and password then click the REGISTER NOW button and fill out a short five or six simple questions. (No credit card information required)

They ask for your email, I would give them your real email since this is where they send you your Free PlayStation Network Codes. Make sure to check your email and confirm your email address. After, complete your profile to receive an additional 250 points ($2.50) towards your prize. They will never send you spam email!


Step 2: Complete Quick And Easy Surveys

Below is an example of what type of offers can be completed. 100 points = $1.00 USD  Each offer shows ratings by other users on how easy the offer was to complete. You must complete about 15-20 of these quick and easy surveys before you can claim your Free PSN Code. Each offer can take about 1-5 minutes. I suggest making an extra email to use for offers!
Offer Example

Step 3: Order Your Free Prize!

This is the best part, once you have about 2000 points, you can redeem your Free PSN Codes! While on the rewards website, go to Spend points > Gamer Gift Cards > Click On the PlayStation Network Gift Card then click add to cart!
You can also order virtually anything available on or you could even complete offers for cash and have the cash sent to your PayPal! That’s it!
PSN Gift Card Example

I hope i have really helped you out, enjoy your Free PSN Codes!

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47 Responses to How to get Free PSN Redeem Codes

  1. Joan 99 says:

    Thanks for posting about this, I would love to read more about this topic.

  2. bryan says:

    how do i get codes

  3. mary says:

    Hello Guru, what entice you to post an article. This article was extremely interesting, especially since I was searching for thoughts on this subject last Thursday.

  4. penny stock news says:

    amazing stuff thanx :)

  5. xBabiiGuRlx says:

    Very nice site! Thanks for the free $20 PSN card! :)

  6. xDeaDMaN- says:

    Thanks for this article, they already sent me a free $20 psn card. :)

  7. man b. says:

    Buy psn cards only here, reliable website, checked out :)

  8. lilikindsli says:

    nOxVKR I want to say – thank you for this!

  9. Globals says:

    Best website for PSN codes! I’ve Received 5 free codes so far!

  10. Romase says:

    thanks for the free psn codes, i got a $20 psn code in my email within a few days!

  11. grizli says:

    FREE Codes everyday ! FREE S/H check here for great deals in PSN – playstation Network Codes , Xbox live subscription cards emailed, itunes, wow of warcraft cdkeys, nintendo Wii 2000 TODAY !

  12. lohavaSteesee says:

    I love this site! I used my code to get the new little big planet mini game 😀

  13. babasgyros says:

    you can also get free stuff just for searching the web. you collect Virtual dollers then you can spend them on videogames and stuff. all you have to do is search as if your searching google.

    if you sign up with this promotional code you get 3 free points to start off. enjoy.

    nice article by the way

  14. ashwantyiL92 says:

    ^ yeah, I agree with you babas gyro, I use that site all the time, its really good. I managed to rack up 400 points in a few weeks. I got amazon GC with my points. the other sites take ages to win something decent, and all those surveys are spam and have viruses. This site right here is the only good site for freebies

  15. jjxxzdub says:

    thnx man love u!!

  16. Hovermale says:

    I love your site. I look forward to reading more of your posts. Thank you!

  17. Mark says:

    Doesn’t work for non-US residents…didn’t let me sign up :(

  18. chris says:

    please help me i dont know how to do it

  19. brady says:

    i still haven’t figured how 2 get codes i need help please

  20. norradjer99 says:

    Cool Site, got some wii points and xbox live there!

  21. alexanderr says:

    are any of you guys here real or are these messages just generated by bots….

  22. Nicolas says:

    please send me psn codes thanks

  23. reapergrim says:

    nice site thanks for the free psn codes.

  24. reapergrim says:

    Thanks For the free codes, if you want free xbox game come checkout

  25. john says:

    do they email the codes to you?

  26. XxFoFo_ALSH3RYxX says:

    I want to make redeem code 50$ a dollar

  27. admin says:

    Chris & Brady- What do you guys need help with? Please send an email or leave a comment.

    alexanderr- Yes we are all real.

    John- If your bronze level or above they will email you the code.

  28. kool says:


  29. Luke says:

    When I copy n paste the code in it says no products??


  30. admin says:

    @Kool- Yes they send the free psn code via email if your bronze level or highter.

    @Luke- Scroll down and you’ll see the psn card.

  31. AmyPamella says:

    The people in the shoutbox weren’t very helpful but I managed to get the free psn code within a day or two. Thanks!

  32. Eazy says:

    Where is the “Join Now!” ‘ button please? It says it is on the top right but i have not found it.

  33. achaichanhda says:

    do survey and earn point. when you achieve enough point you can purchase the item you desire. there are plenty of item to choose from try it out and purchase your first item

  34. Nivesh says:

    how do you get to bronze level?

  35. Adz says:

    Will it work for UK accounts?

  36. admin says:

    @Nivesh, to get to bronze level you just have to verify your account.

    @Adz, yes it does work with UK members.

  37. admin says:

    @Eazy, they changed it, now you simply enter your email address and click signup.

  38. george says:

    can u send me some free voucher codesto my ps3 plz because i realy want the annihalation map pack if u can that would be great my online ID is AK47_I_MUST_KILL

  39. Thumbz99 says:

    Do ya git it by email or mail, and how many cards can ya git, are all cards free, is there a monthly fee fer this?

  40. Moccha Loccha says:

    Do i have to pay to get points

    And would the codes work for residents in Australia

  41. PSHard says:

    Hi everyone,

    Quick Question! So I was checking the spend points step and as I enter the code you mentioned above, it says the merchant is not available anymore and I should buy from other merchants but they don’t offer sending by email…what should I do?

  42. screwAcow says:

    wth the surveys dont work. im on my ps3s internet function is that the problem

  43. Nexusx2 says:

    Your Free PSN Codes Website has really helped me out. Thank you so much for creating this great site.

  44. harvin says:

    i got to buy the black ops zombie map moon

  45. harvin says:

    if your looking for free psn codes go to this website

  46. wayne says:

    please send me 50 card please

  47. jtmoney53 says:

    can some1 please message me a code @ please.

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