PixelJunk Shooter is now available on the PSN Store


PixelJunk Shooter just released on the Playstation Store for $9.99. This PixelJunk game actually has a bit of a story to it. The game takes place years from now and the story begins by telling you how minerals on earth became scarce so humans decided to search and mine minerals on other planets, but the humans start getting attacked by enemies and you have to rescue the humans. The game play is simple yet addictive, you control this yellow ship (the one in the picture above) and you go around caves on other planets killing enemies and rescuing miners who got trapped in the cave.

Fat Princess eating its way onto PSN worldwide this week

Fat Princess

The release date for Fat Princess has officially been annonced, Fat Princess will be available worldwide this Thursday, July 30 for $15. European and Asian prices will be announced soon. We’re looking forward to playing this great game and know you are too, that is why we’re going to show you how to get Fat Princess for FREE, visit the link below to learn how.

PS3 Battlefield 1943 ‘Air Superiority’ Unlocked

Battlefield 1943

The official Battlefield 1943 Twitter account announced Saturday evening that PS3 players now have access to the Coral Sea “air superiority” map.

The Coral Sea map can be accessed from the main menu under ‘Air Superiority’. Pretty much all you can do on the map is fly a plane, so now anyone who does nothing but fly planes on the regular maps can go play ‘Air Superiority’.

So now the question is, will DICE release anymore maps for Battlefield 1943?